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Updated: Nov 27, 2022


I've love the outdoors and love exercising. I've discovered that when I engage in these outdoor activities, I come alive. I gain clarity. And I speak my truth with clarity and conviction.

Whether your a coach, athlete or person striving to be your best... join me. Walk along side of me (virtually) as I 'Walk And Talk' about a variety of subjects related to personal mastery.

I hope this inspires you to buy my book. Not so that I can make money, but rather, so you can grow. So you can become the best version of yourself and reach your chosen goal. And so that I have the satisfaction of knowing, that maybe I played a role in helping you in that achievement.

- Coach Smith

Click on the video below to get the walk started!!

To connect with Coach Smith, visit,

email him at or follow him on Facebook @winningedgeskills and Instagram @eric_smith3d to connect with Coach Smith 'the old fashioned way' as he encourages you to simply pick up the phone and call him at 919-414-1774

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