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Inspiring For Any Athlete or Coach

My young quarter back as read this book cover to cover several times, and he's is not a reader! It is a great read for any athlete or coach regardless of age. Eric does a great job of breaking down mindset strategies for a deeper understanding. This book also addresses personal growth, leadership and positive mindset strategies that are executable immediately. All of this leads to becoming a better athlete and more valuable. My son has played with a much stronger mental approach since reading this book. It has helped him become a team leader as an underclassman on the varsity football team.

- Carolyn Albright, Winston-Salem, NC

Easy Read, Brilliant and Enlightening!

Great read for any athlete interested in bettering their game in athletics and in life.
Having raised a son that has been involved in multiple sports ranging from T Ball to Division I College Football. I have really studied and analyzed the different philosophies involved in making young people realize and reach their maximum potential as athletes, leaders and responsible individuals.
Coach Smith captures these and clearly presents these principles in such a simple and motivating fashion. I plan to purchase more copies to share with other parents.

Rob Barr, Parent of Division I Athlete

Getting Real About Your Mindset

This is a very powerful tool for Coaches and Players to improve their Team's success on and off the field. The leadership you learn reminds you that your cup of knowledge is never full. POWERFUL MOTIVATING KNOWLEDGEABLE I highly recommend Coaches and Players alike, read and utilize this book as a valuable resource.

Thank you, Coach Eric Smith, for such and insightful and inspiring book.

  • Coach Dal Neathamer, Redding, CA

Creating Peace and Purpose In A Volatile Sports World

I am a father of 3 lax players. I also coached for 4 yrs in a youth league. I bought this book thinking it would be a guide to some practical pointers in how to deal with kids and sports in general. This book is so so much more than that. This book does an incredible job in connecting kids/sports to life lessons and messages that is vital in competing not just in sports but in the real world. This is a must read for anyone who is looking for inspiration to motivate and teach self/others to elevate their game both in sports and in life. Thanks for writing this book coach.

- Thomas Yi, Boca Rotan, FL

Quality Content, Easy To Read

First - full disclosure. I am Eric's cousin! In addition, I work with consumer ratings (even Amazon ratings) in my profession. I have observed and adopted a psychology of ratings that always leaves room at the end of the scale in case something better comes along. Therefore, I rarely, if ever, give a perfect rating. Reading Eric's book, I think he would understand as he encourages athletes to make themselves better, make their teammates better, and make the game better. Here is what I shared in a personal note to Eric. "I read your book. Enjoyed it and found that you were able to verbalize many things that have occupied space in my head for years, as well as enlighten me with some new perspectives. Nice work!".

- David Smith, Hersey, PA

Great Book!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. There is so much knowledge and wisdom packed into these pages that every person can use to gain an edge in LIFE. If you are looking to take a next step in leadership skills and team building then this is a great guide to doing so with tons of resources.

- Recent Customer


“Eric Smith clearly understands the fundamentals of leadership and developing the total person. Both of my boys had a very positive experience with Coach Smith and his Winning Edge Academy”

- ​Doug Musgrave, former Div-I QB (Oregon Ducks)​​

“I never coached a player that worked harder on and off the field than Eric Smith. From the weight room to the film room to the practice and game fields, Eric was all about improving and being the best player and person he could be. Now it is his turn to share that experience and knowledge with other young players that want to be the best they can be.
I would not hesitate to connect my kids to Eric Smith – he would help them get better as both a player and as a person… and have fun doing it.”

​Mark Miller, Former College Football Coach and NFL Quarterback

“Coach Smith knows a lot about developing athletes as leaders in sport and ultimately life… he has been there and experienced it. He understands how players want to be taught. I've enjoyed learning from Coach Smith. He's helped me advance my game and abilities as a leader”​

- Ryan Pollard, College Quarterback

“I've been coaching football at both the High School and College level for 23 years. I have spent time with Coach Smith and come to know him as a person of character who has a deep passion for sharing his knowledge and love for football and leadership with developing athletes.  He has not only helped a few of the kids on our roster but some of our assistant coaches and athletes also assist Coach Smith as staff members of his Winning Edge Academy.  I would encourage any developing athlete who is motivated to improve the finer points of their game to learn from Coach Smith”​

- Coach Bryon Hamilton, Head Coach, Shasta College Knights

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