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Winning Edge Academy Courses

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  Why Invest In A Course?  

Leadership Author & Mental Skills Coach - Eric Smith

Coach Smith is a former D1 Athlete, HS Coach, Leadership Trainer & Author and Mental Skills Coach.


His coaching, insights and specific strategies have helped thousands of athletes reach their fullest potential both on the field and in LIFE!!

His partner organizations - The Brian Cain Organization and The John Maxwell TEAM  have helped:

  • Coaches, athletes, and teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and PGA.

  • 8 UFC World Champions

  • 4 MLB Cy Young Award Winners

  • Heisman Trophy Winners

  • Athletic Departments: ​The University of Alabama, Auburn University, Florida State University, The University of Oregon, and Yale University (and many more).

  • Over 1000+ Professional Draft Selections

  • Olympic Medalists

 Take The Deep Dive & Make Learning Permanen

Online Training Courses
After You Enroll, Downloadable The FREE 'Winning Edge Academy' App!


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Becoming A 3-D Competitor Book Companion Course

Interactive course complete with

Student and Moderator Guides


Take a reflective, interactive DEEP DIVE into the contents of the book so you can master the concepts and strategies of becoming a 3 Dimensional Competitor capable of growing

SELF, OTHERS & SPORT so that you can reach your full potential as an athlete and LEADER!!

Becoming A
 'Fierce' Competitor

Learn 9 KEY variables that are completely within your 'control' that will transform your game NOW!!

Lead Now
How To Become A Leader In Sports and LIFE!!

Learn 4 LAWS of Leadership and 4 unique abilities that will enable you to become a Leader that transforms teams TODAY!!

Includes BONUS Mindset
& Goal Achievement Training 
+ 1
(Managing Your 'APE'.. the 9 things within your control)

All Courses Are Web-Based or Via Downloadable App On Your Phone!

All Courses Include FREE BONUS COURSE!!!

How To Manage Your 'APE'

The FREE Course empowers you to stay focused on the KEY 'controlables'

Attitude & Appearance, Positive Self-Talk, Present Moment Focus, Process & Preparation, Performance Perspective, Effort, Energy & Emotion

   Want To Try The FREE Course First?   

Be sure to download 'WINNING EDGE ACADEMY' App for FREE at the App Store or Google Play so you have the course on your phone or mobil device
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