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3-D Competitor


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Leadership Author & Mental Skills Coach - Eric Smith

Coach Smith is a former D1 Athlete, HS Coach, Leadership Trainer & Author and Mental Skills Coach.


His coaching, insights and specific strategies have helped thousands of athletes reach their fullest potential both on the field and in LIFE!!

His partner organizations - The Brian Cain Organization and The John Maxwell TEAM  have helped:

  • Coaches, athletes, and teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and PGA.

  • 8 UFC World Champions

  • 4 MLB Cy Young Award Winners

  • Heisman Trophy Winners

  • Athletic Departments: The University of Alabama, Auburn University, Florida State University, The University of Oregon, and Yale University (and many more).

  • Over 1000+ Professional Draft Selections

  • Olympic Medalists

Online Training Courses
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Companion Course To  Book:

The Winning Edge Way
A Coach & Athletes Guide To Becoming A
3-Dimensional Competitor

hard copy of Book, Student Guide & Moderated Couse by Coach Smith

Create A Winning Edge For Yourself
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This course is meant to be an immersive, 'deep dive' into the content of the book which allows you to think, reflect, draw on past experiences and connect on a more meaningful and permanent level with the content of the book


Does any of this describe YOU or YOUR ATHLETE?


  • You’re a well conditioned athlete who’ works your butt off in practice and in the weight room… but continue to struggle to perform up to your TRUE potential when it really matters…

  • You “try” to be more mentally tough… but it doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, and you continue to think that you just “don’t have what it takes”…

  •  You know you can perform at a higher level than you are now, but you’re not sure what’s missing…

  • You want to discover the secret mindsets that the world’s top athletes use to perform at an elite level  and learn exactly how you can use these same methods to take your performance to the next level…

  • You’re a coach/parent who’s tired of seeing your athlete(s) fall short of their potential because they lack confidence or mental toughness and you’re looking for a specific strategies they can use to master the mental game…

  • You're a coach/parent who wouold like to see their athlete(s)... become "great teammates" so that the team's culture can improve to a Championship Level

  • You're an athlete who would like to reach your full potential as a leader in sports... and your want strategies that you can implement immediately to earn the trust and respect of your teammates and coaches

...if so, you're in the perfect place!

  What you’ll learn in this course    

  1. Competitors - Why You Should LOVE Them


  • Learn the value of a great competitor and why you should love them

  • Understand that your #1 competitor isn't who you think it is

  • Learn why success is based more on what you 'don’t do' vs what you 'do - do'

  • Learn how to change your mindset about your 'opponents' and learn how your opponent can help you reach your full potential

  • Learn new mindsets on how to define success

  • Learn The 4 Key’s to Greatness

  • Learn What a 3 Dimensional Competitor is and why you should strive to be one


  2. Outcomes - Why You Should Detach From Them


  • Learn how why focus on 'results' will lead to failure!

  • Learn what 4 factors are most instrumental to your success as an athlete

  • Learn the secret mindsets of the world’s most successful people

  • Learn what ‘intellectual properties’ are, why they are critical to success 

  • Learn how to ignite the KEY PROPERTIES within you so that you can reach your full potential 


  3. Beliefs - How To Create New Mindsets That Will Transform


  • Learn why failure is a key ingredient to success

  • Understand how learning to fail can lead to massive success.

  • Understand what 'internal' and 'external' belief systems are and how external beliefs will keep your from reaching your full potential.

  • Learn who Roger Bannister is and how he changed the way you should view what your potential is

  • Learn HOW a 6th round NFL Draft pick went on to become the greatest NFL football player of all time


  4. Fear - How To Eliminate It's Crippling Effects


  • Differentiate anxiety from fear

  • Why fear is ‘false evidence’ or your reality

  • Learn how Kobe Bryant’s perspective on fear allowed him to become an NBA great

  • What is a neutral mindset, why it’s best and how to develop this mindset?

  • Learn how fear and failure are linked and which one can help you succeed

  • Learn the 5 strategies to eliminate fear

  • Learn how mantras and routines can help you eliminate performance anxiety

  • Learn the keys to becoming a more confident athlete


  5. Resilience - How To Become A Resilient Competitor


  • Learn how to be more a more resilient athlete

  • Learn how to recover from setbacks

  • Learn how to be more present moment focused

  • Learn the parable of the Apple Tree and how it relates to making you a more resilient competitor

  • Learn ‘The 4 Key’s to Greatness’ from the greatest NFL Hall of Fame induction speech ever

  • Learn why ‘love’ is critical to you becoming more resilient.

  • Take a ‘resilience assessment' and chart your growth over time with the techniques you learn in this course

  • Learn how developing your ‘why’ can pull you through difficult moments

  • Learn the value of ‘investing’ in yourself.

  • Discover the single fastest way to become a great athlete… This will surprise you!

  • Learn the ‘key features’ of memory and how it’s designed to serve you in sports and life!



  6. Failure - How To Learn and Grow From Failure & Setbacks


  • Discover your mindset toward failure and how your mindset might be holding you back

  • Learn new perspectives on failure from NBA great Kobe Bryant

  • Learn specific strategies that can turn your failures into success

  • Learn the simple journaling technique called – ‘Well Better How’ and how it will help you grow

  • Gain new perspectives on failure from former President - Theodore Roosevelt

  • Learn how to ‘WIN’ every time you ‘FAIL’ in a way that failing won’t scare you  


7. How Your Mind Works - Learn How To Manipulate Your Mind


  • Learn how you’re your unconscious mind can handicap your performance.

  • Learn specifically ‘how’ your focus and self-talk determines your results

  • Learn why your mind can either be your ‘largest weapon’ or ‘smallest prison’ and how to manipulate it in a way that it will get you the results you want


  8. Develop a Growth Mindset - Achieve Unlimited Heights


  • Understand the difference between a ‘fixed mindset’ and a ‘growth mindset’ and how one can transform your potential as an athlete

  • Learn how a ‘growth mindset’ allowed Steph Currie to continue to improve even after he reached elite status in the NBA

  • Discover how ‘talent’ can limit your success

  • Learn to focus on process vs outcome

  • Discover new goal setting strategies that can transform


  9. Positive Mental Attitude - Learn How It Can Transform You


  • Learn how to make others want to connect with you

  • Discover the secrets to being a better teammate and team leader

  • Understand how a positive attitude unleashes properties within you that are required to be elite. And how a negative attitude will suppress key attributes of success

  • Learn what factors to success are within your control and which ones aren’t

  • Discover how a 'Learning Mindset' can elevate performance and transform those around you

  9. How To Elevate Others - Becoming A Team LEADER

  • Gain the Respect of your teammates

  • Discover 4 Foundational Principles of Being A Leader

  • Learn how to deepen relationships with others

  • Become and Energizer.... Learn how to FUEL others today!

  • FREE Tool - Assess your current leadership abiities

 10. Develop The Character Skills of Elite Athletes

  • Learn the difference between 'Moral' vs 'Performance' Character

  • Learn to apply these skills to both yourself and your team!

 11. Master your 'Emotion'

  • Learn a proven system for managing your emotions in sport and LIFE!

 12. Discover How To Get Teammates to COMMIT To Team

  • Learn to assess the level of commitment of your team

  • Learn Why teams have loosing cultures

  • Discover strategies to deepen the commitment and improve the culture of your team

 13. Learn How To ELEVATE Your Sport

  • Leave your sport in a better place than when you started!

14. Leave A Legacy

  • Learn how to leave a legacy for yourself that will last long after you're gone

Course Is Moderated By Coach Smith


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'How To Manage Your APE'

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Attitude & Appearance, Positive Self-Talk, Present Moment Focus, Process & Preparation, Performance Perspective, Effort, Energy & Emotion

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Create A Winning Edge For Yourself
Be A Leader & Grow Your Team
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How To Manage Your 'APE'

The FREE Course empowers you to stay focused on the KEY 'controlables' Attitude & Appearance, Positive Self-Talk, Present Moment Focus, Process & Preparation, Performance Perspective, Effort, Energy & Emotion

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