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This course contains 10 instructional video lessons. Each lesson is 10-15 minutes long. The course could be completed within 2-3 hours but it's recommended to take 2 to 3 lessons at a time so that you can take notes and digest the content.


What you’ll learn in this course



  • Learn the value of a great competitor and why you should love them
  • Understand how to identify your #1 competitor.
  • Learn why Success is based more on what you don’t do vs what you do - do.
  • How to change your view of upcoming opponents and learn how your opponent can help you reach your full potential.
  • Learn new mindsets on what on how to define success
  • Learn the 4 Key’s to Greatness


Detach From Outcomes

  • Learn how results will lead to failure!
  • Learn the 4 things that are most instrumental to your success as an athlete (get REAL)
  • Learn the secret mindsets of the world’s most successful people (positive mindset leading to being in touch with intellectual properties)
  • Learn what ‘intellectual properties’ are, why they are important are and how to turn them on so that you can reach your full potential (vision, creativity, trust and intuition)



  • Learn why failure is a key ingredient to success.
  • Understand how learning to fail properly can lead to massive success.
  • Understand what internal and external belief systems are and how external beliefs will keep your from reaching your full potential.
  • Learn who Roger Bannister is and how he changed the way you should view what your potential is.
  • Learn how a 6th round NFL Draft pick went on to become the greatest NFL football player of all time.



  • Differentiate anxiety from fear.
  • Why fear is ‘false evidence’ or your reality.
  • Learn how Kobe Bryant’s perspective on fear allowed him to become an NBA great
  • What is a neutral mindset, why it’s best and how to develop this mindset?
  • Learn how fear and failure are linked and which of the two can help you succeed.
  • Learn 5 strategies that can eliminate fear (motion, look at horizon, breathing, meditation & visualization)
  • Learn how mantras and routines can help you eliminate fear during performance.
  • Learn the keys to becoming a more confident athlete.



  • How to be more a more resilient athlete
  • How to snap back quickly after setbacks
  • How to be more present moment focuses
  • Learn the parable of the Apple Tree and how it relates to making you a more resilient competitor
  • Learn ‘The 4 Key’s to Greatness’ from the greatest NFL Hall of Fame induction speech ever
  • Learn why ‘love’ is critical to you becoming more resilient.
  • Take a ‘resilience assessment' and chart your growth over time with the techniques you learn in this course.
  • Learn how developing your ‘why’ can pull you through difficulties
  • Learn the value in ‘investing’ in yourself.
  • Discover the single fastest way to become a great athlete… This will surprise you!
  • Learn the ‘key feature’ of your memory and how it’s designed to serve you in sports and life!




  • Discover your mindset toward failure and how your mindset might be holding you back
  • Learn new perspectives on failure from NBA great Kobe Bryant
  • Learn specific strategies that can turn your failures into successes.
  • Learn the simple journaling technique called – ‘Well Better How’ and how it will help you grow.
  • Gain new perspectives on failure from former President - Theodore Roosevelt
  • Learn how to ‘Win’ every time you ‘Fail’ in a way that failing won’t bother you or scare you anymore.


How Your Mind Works

  • Learn how you’re your unconscious mind can handicap your performance.
  • Learn specifically ‘how’ your focus and self-talk determines your results.
  • Learn why your mind can either be your ‘largest weapon’ or ‘smallest prison’ and how to manipulate it in a way that it will get you the results you want.



Develop a Growth Mindset

  • Understand the difference between a ‘fixed mindset’ and a ‘growth mindset’ and how one can transform your potential as an athlete.
  • Learn how a ‘growth mindset’ allowed Steph Currie to continue to improve even after he reached elite status in the NBA.
  • Discover how ‘talent’ can limit your success.
  • Learn to focus on process vs outcome.
  • Discover new goal setting strategies that can transform.


Positive Mental Attitude

  • Learn how to make others want to be around you without saying anything to them.
  • Discover what makes you attractive to others so you can become a better teammate and leader.
  • Understand how a positive attitude unleashes properties within you that are required to be elite. And how a negative attitude will suppress these key attributes of success.
  • Learn what factors to success are within your locus of control and which ones aren’t.

How To Become A 'Fierce' Competitor

  • If for any reason you are not COMPLETELY satisfied then I will refund you 100% of your money. AND YOU KEEP THE BOOK!!!  


    There is NO need to return it.


    Enjoy the book and all the best in your journey to becoming a 3-Dimensional Competitor!

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