The reason the triangle is the stongest of the polygonal shapes is because, when force is applied to the triangle, that force is spead evenly throughout all three sides.


This is the same logic Eric Smith applies to The Winning Edge Way: An Athlete and Coach's Guide to Becoming a 3-Dimensional Competitor.


As complex and nuanced as team sports are, there are three main components at their core: the player, the team, the game - each reliant on the other. In this guide, Smith meticulously breaks down and examines each of these three components through the lens of his own personal experience as both athlete and coach.


If you want to reach your fullest potential today as an athlete and teammate while creating a legacy that will last long after the wins and losses are forgotten then read this book and apply it's strategies. Become a "3-Dimensional Competitor" today!


  • Buyers should be aware that there is a no return policy assiciated with the purchase of this book.

    Honestly, we don't believe that you would want to return it but even if you did, the cost and time involved just isn't worth the low affordable price of this book. 

    Thank you for your undertanding of this policy!

    Enjoy the book and all the best in your journey to becoming a 3-Dimensional Competitor!

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The Winning Edge Way: How to be a 3-D competitor is all about teaching you 'how' to elevate yourself, your teammates and your sport today while also transcending your sport by leaving a legacy tomorrow that will last in the hearts and minds of others long after the wins and losses are forgotten.

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