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Become A
3-Dimensional Competitor
In Sports.. Then LIFE!



Self - Others - Sport


The Winning Edge Way Book How To Compete in sports and how to lead by author Eric Smith
An Athlete and coach's Guide to becoming a
3-Dimensional competitor
The Winning Edge Way Book.  How To Be A 3 Dimensional Competitor by Eric Smith

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Eric Smith

Author - Eric Smith, is a former Division I quarterback, high school football coach and parent of successful athletes.


He is a is certified leadership speaker and trainer with The John Maxwell TEAM, the world's largest leadership organization.


His life mission is to help you reach your goals as an athlete, coach and leader in sports today, and ultimately, as a leader in LIFE tomorrow!

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The Winning Edge Way: How to be a 3-D competitor will teach you 'how' to elevate yourself, your teammates and your sport so that you can achieve maximum success NOW and create an impact that will last long after the wins and losses are forgotten.    

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My Story

Former Division I Quarterback, Football Coach

& Certified Leadership Trainer with The John Maxwell TEAM

Eric Smith grew up in the small town of Alma, Michigan where both of his parents worked in public education. Eric loved sports. He was a 4 sport varsity athlete in football, basketball, baseball and track. Hard work paid off. In 1984, he earned a scholarship to attend Bowling Green State University to play football as a Quarterback. He describes his college athletic career as being full of ups and downs. “My time playing athletics was typical of what most athletes experience. Full of challenges and adversity. Some highlights and very bright moments filled with a lot of difficult ones as well.” Eric claims that the difficult times were every bit as valuable as the good times. “While things didn’t always go my way, looking back, I don’t think I’d trade my experience for anything. The challenging times really helped shape me and prepare me for navigating the challenges that I’ve faced in life.”

What people say

about Eric!

Getting Real About Your Mindset

This is a very powerful tool for Coaches and Players to improve their Team's success on and off the field. The leadership you learn reminds you that your cup of knowledge is never full. POWERFUL MOTIVATING KNOWLEDGEABLE I highly recommend Coaches and Players alike, read and utilize this book as a valuable resource.

Thank you, Coach Eric Smith, for such and insightful and inspiring book.

  • Coach Dal Neathamer, Redding, CA

Easy Read, Brilliant and Enlightening!

Great read for any athlete interested in bettering their game in athletics and in life.
Having raised a son that has been involved in multiple sports ranging from T Ball to Division I College Football. I have really studied and analyzed the different philosophies involved in making young people realize and reach their maximum potential as athletes, leaders and responsible individuals.
Coach Smith captures these and clearly presents these principles in such a simple and motivating fashion. I plan to purchase more copies to share with other parents.

Rob Barr, Parent of Division I Athlete


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"How To Be 3-D"
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Why we use

the Triangle?

The reason the triangle is the strongest of the polygonal shapes is because, when force is added to a triangle, that force is spread evenly throughout all three sides.

This is the same logic Eric Smith applies to The Winning Edge Way: An Athlete and Coach's Guide to Becoming a 3-Dimensional Competitor.


As complex and nuanced as team sports are, there are three main components at their core: the player, the team, the game - each reliant on the other. In this guide, Smith meticulously breaks down and examines each of these three components through the lens of his own personal experience as both athlete and coach.


One should devote oneself to a purpose not for the purpose but for that which can be learned and gained along the way, to then be passed along to the next generation. And when you devote yourself to a sport (or purpose), as Smith has, you learn a thing or two - or in this case, three!

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If you're not completely satisified, 100% of your money will be refunded... AND YOU KEEP THE BOOK!!

(no need to return it)

Eric Smith

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